William Goehner – a phony WWII veteran.

Finally exposed as a lying, phony in front of family, friends and admirers, this 89-year-old has been telling this story since WWII.

No hero.
No hero.

William Goehner, 87, was a Lieutenant Commander with the United States Navy during World War II. At the age of 19 Goehner is the youngest Lt. Commander ever to serve in the Navy. He was member of the underwater demolition team and is the second most decorated soldier of WWII. He was awarded four purple hearts, three silver stars and the Navy Cross. Goehner has been in Morgan Hill for almost 34 years.
– Morgan Hill Times & Lora Schraft/Chief Photographer Morgan Hill Times.

Truth be told he did serve in the Navy during WWII but was not the first Navy SEAL but a Seaman First Class. He was never a “Frogman” nor did he receive any Purple Hearts, Silver Stars or the Navy Cross.

I wonder what his kids, and grand kids(?) think about his great story of his suicide mission to blow up a Nazi submarine bunker?

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